SPEAC!: A Collaborative Approach to Holding Elected Officials Accountable To Advance Racial Equity Policies

Location: Wyeth B
Date: Thu, September 13
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

SPEAC (pronounced "speak!"), the Social Policy and Electoral Accountability Collaborative, is a partnership among 10 regional nonprofits in the St. Louis area working to drive progress and accountability of elected leaders for the Ferguson Report, equity goals created following the civil unrest in Ferguson. Beginning with a wildly successful Mayoral Forum in 2017, with over 700 attendees and three highly-regarded broadcast partners, the SPEAC partners have leveraged their new relationship and conversations during the Forum to hold local elected leaders accountable to promoting racial equity policies. One outcome of the forum was the establishment of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund Coalition by CBN dedicated to increasing local sources of affordable housing funding. This session will include a panel of representatives from the Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis (CBN), Forward Through Ferguson, and For the Sake of All who can speak to how partners established this collaborative. Additionally, the session will touch on the partnership's ongoing policy alignment, advocacy, and forums throughout the St. Louis area such as the County Executive Forum in July 2018. CBN can speak to its critical role in establishing the collaboration and how it supports affordable housing and community development advocacy in the St. Louis area.

Thriving Networks

St. Louis Mayoral Forum Report - the chart

St. Louis Mayoral Forum - transcription

St. Louis Mayoral Forum - policy prioritization process flowchart

SPEAC! presentation

SPEAC Mayoral Forum Community Engagement Survey